Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes-We certify so.

    Although listed buildings and conservation area properties may be exempt from regulations we take great care to ensure that all ColdShield windows, doors conservatories and extensions are fully compliant with current Building Regulations.

  • Yes.

    Fitting our high-quality timber windows and doors will almost certainly add value to your home. Timber has a look and feel that is superior to other materials whereas uPVC windows in the wrong setting can adversely affect the appearance and alue of a property.

    Failing to replace windows and doors that are in a poor condition or are single-glazed, cold and draughty will detract from a property’s appeal.

  • Timber windows will generally cost more than cheap uPVC but often little more than premium uPVC that is made to look more like timber.

  • Yes.

    All of ColdShield frames are factory spray treated before assembly and glazing (including the areas that you can’t see such as the glass rebate and the outer frame), receive a specialist prayed coating for added life span.

  • We can supply windows and doors in any colour of your choice – whether to match a branded paint such as Farrow and Ball or a RAL.

  • Water-based, micro-porous paints give a long service life and unlike oil-based paint they won’t crack or flake to allow moisture to come into contact with the wood.

    The actual life of the factory-applied coating depends on many factors, including location (exposure to salt spray, excessive dirt or pollution etc), elevation (harsher conditions on average at higher altitudes) and orientation (exposure to the sun or prevailing weather).

    Every case is different therefore but solid colours should last for between 5 and 8 years before repainting whilst wood-stains should go for 3 to 5 years.

  • The beauty of our low maintenance composite timber windows and doors and windows is in the factory-applied coatings of micro-porous paints give a long service life and unlike oil-based paint, they won’t crack or flake to allow moisture to come into contact with the bare wood.

    With such a well-applied protective layered coating in our factory-based vacuum preservative treatment,so beautifully finished, all that is required is an occasional clean and inspection to ensure that the paint is in top condition.

    When the time comes to redecorate it is a very simple and easy process of a thorough clean and a fresh coat of paint – typically a thirty-minute job per window a very light rub-down followed by another application of top-coat.

  • Our windows and doors are made with high-security multi-point locking systems which can only be opened and closed by purpose-made handles.

    That doesn’t mean you have to have modern handles however – we can supply a wide range of handle designs to suit all tasted and styles of property.

  • You can pay by debit card or BACs or choose to spread the cost using your preferred credit card or funding facilities of personal loan, further advance or remortgage.

  • One of the key benefits of choosing us for your conservatory or extension is that it will fully compete within one week’s site time to minimise your inconvenience.

    With replacement windows and doors, we carry out all work internally and depending on the scale of the works, inevitably there may be some disruption due to noise or dust.

    However, in advance of our arrival, we ask that you move or cover soft furnishings to minimize this disruption.

  • Due to demand, our lead times can fluctuate but we will provide you with current estimates in the written quotation we provide but at our quietest times you can expect 6 weeks but can be more than 10 weeks at the busiest times of the year.

  • Your windows and doors will be installed by our fully trained, qualified and experienced ColdShield installation teams who will treat your home with care and respect throughout the process.

  • Yes. All estimates are completely free and without obligation.

  • Many traditional timber windows in Britain have lasted for centuries and are still in good working order. We are confident that with minimal maintenance our timber windows and doors will provide a lifetime of high performance. We are proud to endorse this claim with our industry leading guarantees as follows:

    • Purpose made High Performance Window frames
    • The extremely tough and durable preservative and coating characteristics mean we can offer a 30 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay on our complete new windows
    • Installation & workmanship 10 Years
    • Insulating Glass Units in our High Performance Windows 10 years
    • Opaque Factory applied Paint finish 8 years
    • Factory applied stain finish 5 years
    • Ironmongery 5 years
    • In addition to our comprehensive guarantees, as a FENSA registered Company, our clients have access to an additional optional Insurance backed guarantee
  • Your local joiner should be able to make you a reasonable quality casement timber window, although many smaller artisan companies will be unable to replicate the design and technical innovations that a company like with a manufacturing facility offer.

    This is especially true when it comes to the skilled requirements associated with sash windows. More significantly, many joinery companies will not factory finish (i.e. paint) the frames for you, or even glaze them.

    So the whole process of replacing or refurbishing your windows becomes a major task requiring multi-trade coordination including a joiner to make the windows; a carpenter to fit them; a painter to decorate them and a glazier to glaze them.

    From advice, to survey, to manufacture, to the installation of fully glazed, factory-finished windows, our service is all-inclusive.

  • Get in touch with us.

    Oer the decades, we have gained extensive experience of working in listed buildings and within conservation areas.

    We co-operate closely with conservation officers and local authorities and are happy to advise on individual cases.

  • Timber is amongst the most sustainable building materials.

    According to Greenpeace:

    “As long as timber is sourced from properly managed forests…timber windows are by far the best environmental choice”

    (Greenpeace Briefing: Installing New Windows 1997).

    ColdShield exclusively uses timber from sustainable sources, harvested from managed forests where the growing period is measured in decades.

    On average, two trees are planted for every one harvested – as timber usage increases, so too do replanting. Few people realise that the area of land under forestation in Europe is increasing year-on-year and there is more area of European forest now than there was one hundred years ago.

    We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, indeed.

  • The biggest move in thermal efficiency used to be replacing single glazed units with double glazed ones, but now as we all try to preserve energy and save money on bills, product development has been undertaken by our industry that means not all double glazing is the same.

    We install as standard what is known as ‘next generation’ double glazing consisting low E thermally efficient double glazed units manufactured to EN1279 (part 2) incorporating Super Spacer warm edge technology resulting in windows that are up to 65% warmer at the edge, offer 70% reduced condensation and up to 2Db noise reduction. We also install argon gas filled units that satisfy the demanding EN1279 Part 3.

  • Our high performance, new timber windows come factory finished and are available in an extensive range of premium finishes including a market leading wide range of colours and woodstains that enable maintenance periods to be extended.

    The extremely tough and durable coating characteristics mean we can offer a 30 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay on the coatings and preservatives, 8 years on the coloured and 5 years on the stained.

    For more on the finishing of windows being refurbished, please follow this link: Window Renovation & Refurbishment.

  • Like all natural materials, wood needs looking after. But our wide range of marketing leading colours and wood stains offer long life expectancy and guarantees.

    Our extensive range of premium finishes enable maintenance periods to be extended, superb colour retention and redecoration requiring only one coat application.

    Broadly speaking our coatings last up to 8 years without the need for re-decoration. The precise cycle will depend on a number of environmental factor.

  • Our engineered timber is the strong backbone of our products, all new windows and doors benefit from the rigidity and strength. Resistant to warping and twisting, the timber is formed from layering sections of European Redwood in a specific way, this increases the natural properties to produce a material that has been used to construct large structures for many years worldwide. Creating large buildings such as churches and used in areas with water – such as bridges and poolside buildings.

    The weak point of wood is the way that it can take on moisture, and as it does the wood swells and moves in the direction of the grain of the wood. It is this movement that results in the detrimental warping that can destroy the fit of the doors and windows in the frames. Mutli-layered timber has each section of wood with the grain running in the opposite direction of it’s neighbour’s preventing any movement and counters any warping or twisting, the fit in the frame stays as exact as the day they are installed.

  • Timber windows and doors do cost more than PVCu initially – but our strong and reliable timber products last longer, are a better choice environmentally and match or surpass performance with the added beauty of real wood. Plastic windows are a cheap fix that cost more in the long run, carrying out very easy maintenance can ensure the longevity of your windows beyond the guaranteed years. Many centuries old windows are still found worldwide, proving the natural strength of wood which, when combined with ingenious manufacture, materials and technology, it is easy to see how this natural strength is enhanced and magnified.

    Real cost

    As a rule of thumb, replacing double glazing with timber windows will cost around 5% of the property value. Dale Joinery offer a more affordable timber product without a compromise on performance.

    An independent study comparing various windows and frames was conducted by Dr Gillian Menzies at the Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. Focusing on Life cycle, cost and service of timber and PVCu window frames, the results found timber had twice the lifetime than PVCu and cost less over the lifetime despite a lower initial cost.

    It is worth noting that the way the wood is protected using paint or woodstain is absolutely vital in the longevity of the windows.

  • The wrong choice of window can reduce the value of your property whereas real wood windows and doors can add value to your home.

    Naomi Cleaver of the Daily Telegraph writes:

    “While uPVC windows might be cheaper upfront… if you live in anything other than a new building in a contemporary design those uPVC windows can cost you dear.

    “Taste might be subjective, but it still has a price… a quick call around to agents up and down the country – from Peter Shaw in the Fulham office of Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward to Mark Rimell of Strutt & Parker, nationwide specialists in country properties – indicated this overwhelming view: the majority of buyers find uPVC windows a turn-off and typically when making an offer on a property with uPVC windows will reduce it by the several thousand pounds it will cost to replace all those “ghastly windows” with “nice timber ones.”

  • Your home is your fortress and the twenty-one front door designs that we offer with the Dale collection are all named after castles, the Bevington, Bolingbroke, Burgh, Chalfont, Framlingham and Hadleigh, Harlech, Lulworth, Lydford, Orford, Peveril, Polstead, Pomeroy, Stanhope, Stirling, Tregenna, Tintagel, Wardour, Whitstable, Wigmore & Windsor.

    Each design based upon a particular style and period, there is a door design to suit any property, choose from partially glazed to solid wood.

  • Your local joiner should indeed be able to make beautiful timber windows, but our windows are not just timber frames, sashes and casements they are packed full of innovations  and performance which your local joiner will not be able to replicate, also they may not glaze the windows or paint them. Our windows and doors have the protective paint and stain factory applied and arrive fully glazed, all that remains is installation and the job is done.

    Our range of timber windows and doors, sealed double glazed units, hardware and workmanship are covered by comprehensive guarantees.

  • The beauty of our low maintenance timber doors and windows is in the factory applied paints. The paints and stains are guaranteed for 8 and 5 years respectively but obviously this depends on location and weather conditions.

    With such a well applied protective layered coatings and so beautifully finished, all that is required is an occasional clean and inspection to ensure that the paint is in top condition. When the time comes to redecorate it is a very simple matter of a thorough clean and a fresh coat of paint – thirty-minute job per window.

  • According to Greenpeace “As long as timber is sourced from properly managed forests…timber windows are by far the best environmental choice” (Greenpeace Briefing: Installing New Windows 1997).

    We use sustainable European Redwood from managed forests in all our timber windows and doors making our all our products a very healthy environmental choice.

  • Just call us and we will arrange for our surveyor to bring full working samples to you, measure & provide you with a concrete price as well as answer any queries you may have.

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